VIP-make up-Trailer
SCHEME Something about station
EQUIPMENT technical description

The dressing and costume station is manufactured based on a semitrailer with the following dimensions: length of 8.3 m., width of 2.5 m., height of 3.6 m.

The station is equipped with pneumatic suspension, wheel pairs, and mounted on the chassis axle air suspension produced by Austrian manufacturer BWP

The semitrailer is used for cinema and event industry to prepare actors for filming. The semitrailer is divided into two sections: dressing and costume section and hygiene section.

The converter MAP SIN Energy - 1 kW- 1 pc. + Battery 190 A - 1 is installed in the technical compartment.

Aquario water pumping station of 19L capacity is installed.

One more thing installed in the semitrailer is vending machine NECTA Snakky 6-30 (Italy), with outside access.

Equipment of the dressing and costume compartment:

Air Conditioning Dantex RK - 07 - 1 pcs.

Washing machine Bosh WTE863040E. - 1 pc.

Dryer Samsung WF -1 pc

Cooler for drinking water Eco Tronic Bio 127144 - 1 pc.

Heater for costume compartment Timberk Convector TEC.PF1 M 1000 IN - 1 pc.

Heaters for dressing compartment Timberk Convector TEC.PF1 M 2000 IN - 1 pc.

Espada photoframe - 19"- 1 pc.

Microwave - BORK - 1 pc.

Multimedia BBK - AMS - 110vt - 1 pc. + Two dynamics.

TV - Samsung - 82"- 1 pc.

Hygienic compartment is equipped with:

Convective heater NOBO TEC.PF1 M IN 1000

Espada photo frame - 19 "- 1 pc.

Electric driers Stiebel Electron THE - 4 - 1 pc.

Boiler (water heater) Termex -. If -50v for water heating, capacity of 80 liters, located in a hygienic compartment in special niche behind the door.

Bio-toilet Thetford C -402. - 1 PC.



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